The bells of discord: the ringing of cow brought to justice (photo)

Колокольчики раздора: коровий звон предстал перед судом (фото)

Why the Bavarian and other cows need bells? And whom they so much disturbing you?

Grayling • Small commune Grayling, in which there are only 1500 of rural residents is somewhere in the middle of the picturesque Upper Bavarian district of bad tölz-Wolfratshausen. Pastoral silence here for centuries peacefully and harmoniously (not) breaking cows, bulls and calves, in tribute to the tradition of ringing in the meadows and pastures of the shepherd’s bells. Now, however, these (not) troublemakers again appeared before the court – or rather, become the objects of administrative proceeding, together with your neck “gadgets”.

Shepherd’s bells – tradition and modernity

It is believed that ringing these special bells, first, helps animals to navigate, that is to keep the herd together. Secondly, stray or lost cows (goats, sheep, and so on) this ringing can be easier to find.

Don’t have time to dry the ink under one global transaction such dispute in verkhnebakanskiy Holzkirchen, where the litigation dragged on for five long years, as a similar case was reported this week to the local administrative court in the nearby Wolfratshausen.

Could you fall asleep to the sound?

In Grayling a herd of cows regularly in the summer grazing in the meadow right in front of the home of a local couple, who moved here 10 years ago. At night the cows and then jingle bells, 10 metres from the bedroom, preventing the couple to sleep.

The volume of the sound to determine which was measured more than 80 decibels, which is comparable with the shout, the noise from a motorcycle with a silencer or household cleaner enough high power. According to the Agency dpa with reference to the lawyer of this couple against the cows they have nothing. Just wish the local farmer hung the bells aren’t all their animals and kept them away from home at night.

The farmer, in turn, says the couple knew that moving to the village, and for many years the ringing did not disturb them, and the bells he uses small designed for calves. The case could be delayed, but the judge has said that parties are better as himself to agree…

Bells for the chosen

What ended in may this year, a similar dispute in Holzkirchen, five years has come down to the land court? The mistress of the herds and the neighbors agreed that the bells will only have three cows. Graze is a trio of guardians of the tradition can now only on a specific area of the pasture. The diameter of the bells shall not exceed 12 inches. While in the global transaction specified allowable error in the measurement of: ten millimeters!

Колокольчики раздора: коровий звон предстал перед судом (фото)

Колокольчики раздора: коровий звон предстал перед судом (фото)

Колокольчики раздора: коровий звон предстал перед судом (фото)