The benefits of beer: 5 reasons to drink beverage

Польза пива: 5 причин пить напиток

Beer was healthy. This drink has a variety of useful elements, writes, “Politek”.

First, beer contains silicon, which is needed for our bones. This element is particularly rich in traditional barley beer. The deficiency of silicon can cause osteoporosis – a disease that destroys bone tissue.

Also, this beverage has an iron, especially a lot of it is contained in dark beer. For this reason, it is recommended to people with anemia, in which there is a lack of hemoglobin.

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Thirdly, beer is an excellent antidepressant. In malting barley, from whence this drink contains hordenine. Those receptors in the brain that respond to pleasure hormone dopamine.

In addition, beer is an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis, as it contains a lot of antioxidants. This will reduce the likelihood of strokes and heart attacks that provoke atherosclerosis.

Beer prevents Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have shown that beer has the property to hamper the accumulation process in the brain tissue proteins that form the amyloid plaques that trigger the development of dementia.