The best advice from Amos: six recommendations brilliant surgeon

Лучшие советы от Амосова: шесть рекомендаций гениального хирурга

Nikolai Amosov became known not only for his successful surgical practice and innovative inventions for the heart. The doctor also gained fame as the author of books on health that has helped thousands of people.

Future doctor grew up in poverty, a single mother worked as a midwife and was able to instill in your son a love for medicine. After studying at the University, Nicholas immediately began challenging the practice in a mobile military hospital, as the Second world war. During this period he had to learn courage, responsibility, and hone to perfection the skill of the surgeon. Moving around the battlefield, along with four other physicians Amosov was operated on more than 40,000 wounded soldiers.

However, its main purpose, he saw the to help children suffering from heart defects. 50 years of the Nicholas began to perform operations, simultaneously developed an innovative medical device. In the 60s he invented the heart-lung machine and artificial heart valves.

Any physician that sees every day severe illness, and takes suffering to heart, there are difficult periods. In one of these crises Amosov was distracted by the writing. The sincerity of the author bribed readers, and wise counsel made these books bestsellers.

Nikolai Amosov has written more than ten manuscripts. On the pages he described his thoughts, experience and advice that will help him stay healthy. The physician has actively promoted a healthy lifestyle and has developed a system of exercise, which is gladly shared with the readers.

We have selected some of the most relevant recommendations of Nicholas that will be useful to everyone, regardless of age and condition of the body.

1. Don’t have to hope that the doctors will make you healthy

The task of doctors is to save lives and treat illnesses but to prevent them must be the man himself. Nicholas said that health is the capacity of bodies, which reserves need to replenish themselves. Primarily due to the active life, good food, sports, sleep, hardening. It is important to monitor your blood pressure, pulse, other physiological indicators – that they were normal. Not to be afraid of stress, heat and cold. Not to get sick, Amosov recommended to rely on running and weights, and then only for doctors.

2. Most diseases from poor lifestyle

Amos said, despite the fact that infection and ecology, of course, affect the health of the most serious diseases are manifested due to the fact that the person is not pursuing a healthy lifestyle and reserves his health is not replenished. I was pretty sure that almost everyone can avoid much of the disease, if it is to adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

3. Important mode constraints and loads

Method of training Amosov was not innovative, but it is optimally combined the most effective techniques. Tried to eat right. Eat less unhealthy fats, but eat daily a minimum of 0.3 kg of fruits and vegetables. Followed weight recommended expect the best for yourself, taking away from the growth 100.

The doctor advised people of all ages to actively engage in physical exercise. At least 30 minutes a day, but can and 60. If time is not enough, it can be done at home under the TV, was offered by the surgeon. And thousands of movements with free weights up to 5 kg will be enough in order to strengthen muscles. If possible, you should walk at least a kilometer a day, and ideally more to allow time for Jogging.

And finally, Nikolai Amosov was regularly reminded of the importance of mental health. The best antidote to stress he believed the sport. An overabundance of adrenaline adversely affects the organs and blood vessels, because it is crucial to get rid of it, said the medic. When faced with a stressful situation, he tried to relax and focus on slow rhythmic breathing. And at the first opportunity – to do vigorous exercises.

4. Often need willpower, not tablets

During his practice the doctor has faced with the fact that many of his colleagues prefer to prescribe medication that a person needs to be taken continuously, instead of having to direct that towards a healthy lifestyle. But many diseases can be avoided by just doing sports and eating right. Amos insisted: most patients need only willpower to change your life and thereby improve their health.

5. It is important to find the right doctor…

The choice of doctor Nicholas advised to approach with all responsibility. It is important that not simply had many years of experience, but also relevant knowledge, read, developed, versed not only in medicine but also the human body. Even in the last century there were many specialists that rely on antiquated methods, today especially. Also do not forget that many of the disease by the type of the common cold and go away on their own quickly. The immune system needs time to cope with the disease. To accelerate this, but a serious need for additional supplementation is often not. It is enough to observe sleep and to eat a balanced. So the desire of the physician without a full diagnosis to prescribe a bunch of drugs should be alerted.

6…. and don’t refer to it too often

Even to the best doctor not to run away at the slightest indisposition, thought Amos. You need to learn to monitor their body and help him cope with the disease by natural means: rest, good food, moderate activity and positive emotions. Of course, it is important to trust the doctor’s recommendations, if he is sure of his competence. But you also need to listen to yourself.

The most important condition for good health Mykola Amosov was called strength of character. It is only thanks to her turns out to always observe certain rules, not giving yourself any credit for which you will have to pay health. Between the drugs and training, the doctor advised to choose the latter, then the disease will not be so terrible.