The best of cinema in 2018 … until now

We are already in mid-2018. Which is always a good time to take a look in the rearview mirror to review the best movies we’ve seen so far. Especially since the summer is unlikely to move this list – some will not go to the final list, but which ones? Already, there are several solid feature films in there. Yes, some titles are not there. I did not see The Rider and Hereditary, for example. But, well, I still have time to catch up. Without further ado, my 10 favorites (among the films that took the poster in 2018 in Quebec City).
10 – Black Panther , Ryan Coogler

9 – Me, Tonya , Craig Gillespie

8 – The workshop , Laurent Cantet

7 – Dog Island , Wes Anderson

6 – A quiet corner , John Krasinski

5 – Watch dog , Sophie Dupuis

4 – Lady Bird , Greta Gerwig

3 – Until the guard , Xavier Legrand

2 – You’ve never really been here , Lynne Ramsay

1 – Annihilation , Alex Garland

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