The best product in the spring diet: the experts spoke about the benefits of beets

Лучший продукт в весеннем рационе: эксперты рассказали о пользе свеклы

In late spring, when the body lacks vitamins, but many people are forced to go on a strict diet to lose weight for the summer, doctors advise to pay attention to a very cheap and useful product is beets. As reported experts told about the miraculous properties of beets.

It is ideal for spring discharge: only 40 calories per hundred grams, but a whole set of vitamins and minerals. Also, beets are advised to eat during the chronic constipation and diet – vegetable perfectly cleans the intestines. Beets can be consumed for many days without damage to health, if you combine it with the same light products. The perfect dish for weight loss – steamed beets with tomatoes and onions. In addition, beetroot is also very tasty vegetable vitamin soup. Beets combined with lean meat, eggs and other protein products, with which you can quickly get your shape back to normal.

However, this vegetable there are contraindications. Doctors do not recommend to use beets for diabetics, people suffering from osteoporosis and kidney stone disease. And you need to remember about the treatment of beet juice daily can only drink a small glass of this beverage, pre-diluting it with water.