The best road map of Europe

Лучшие дорожные карты Европы

From time to time each of us comes up with the idea to travel and explore places different from those with which we are familiar. During the trip it is prudent to have a reliable road map to not get lost in the way. The following is a list of the best atlases of Europe, which means that you can use in your travels.

Map Of Europe Michelin Europe Atlas

This card will provide you with a safe journey across Europe. The Atlas is spiral-based and covers 40 countries. It is updated annually with the scale of mapping 1/500 000 – 1/3 000 000. Road Atlas of Europe also includes rules of driving in different countries. Other features in the Michelin Europe Atlas:

  • Travel time and mileage chart.
  • The key to the map pages that can help you quickly identify interesting regions.
  • Rules of the road.
  • 78 town plans, to help you easily navigate the cities.
  • Information about attractions for tourists.

Is so useful for motorists publication within $ 15.

The 2019 Road Atlas Europe

Road Atlas of Europe 2019 is made in A4 format. It contains information about the speed limit in the 46 countries it covers. The Atlas also contains emergency numbers, locations of national parks and other tourist zones, information on free motorways, roads, car ferries and mountain passes. The price guide is about $ 10.

Michelin Germany/Austria/Benelux/Switzerland Road Atlas

Atlas has a breathtaking appearance inside and outside with cover design, emphasizing the focus on opening new routes, journeys and adventures. Inside are easy-to-read page numbers, which facilitate the search for the next destination. Cities on the map are accompanied by an indication of the surrounding area, as well as the location of the center of the city and important institutions such as hospitals. The cost of Atlas – $ 15.

Spain & Portugal Road Atlas A4 Spiral

Portugal – beautiful and affordable destination for European travellers. Spain & Portugal A4 Spiral Road Atlas contains detailed maps of all cities of Spain and Portugal, which will help you to easy navigation.

GPS navigation

First, the atlases is cumbersome, and secondly, many people have not learned how to interpret them. The GPS device is also a card that you can use to navigate Europe. The phone may not be enough data, but GPS can contain only cards of a particular country. To avoid problems, make sure that the device is working in English or the language in which you speak. If you decide to bring a GPS from home make sure that you have downloaded to it maps of European countries.

Лучшие дорожные карты Европы

Лучшие дорожные карты Европы

Лучшие дорожные карты Европы

Лучшие дорожные карты Европы

Лучшие дорожные карты Европы