The best way to prevent cancer

Назван лучший способ профилактики рака

The best way to prevent cancer is to stop Smoking, which is associated with over one third of all types of cancer.

This was announced by the head of the German cancer research centre in Heidelberg, Professor Michael Baumann, reports ONLINE.UA citing Western media.

On 4 February, the day of the fight against cancer, Professor Baumann recommends to refrain from Smoking, eat right and enough to move. Exactly this lifestyle is the best preventative measure against cancer, says the expert.

This has been repeatedly stated and other oncologists. In particular, Australian scientists say that throwing to smoke, you can prevent up to 40% of cases of cancer. What they noted that threat to health is even passive Smoking, which causes up to 23% of all deaths from cancer.

Swedish oncologists also claim that quitting Smoking is the best way for cancer prevention. They have proved that men who smoke in a significant number lose their Y chromosomes in blood cells, which increases the risk of cancer. Scientists attribute this to the fact that such defective cells, and that lymphocytes – cells of the immune system can’t effectively fight cancer cells. The experts assured that the risks of loss of Y-chromosomes proved to be reversible in men who stopped Smoking, the number of defective cells in the blood is reduced.

According to the center for cancer research, with cancer at a certain stage of life faced by every second person. To reduce the risks of permitting a change of lifestyle – Smoking cessation, maintaining a healthy weight, reducing alcohol consumption, use of sunscreens, physical activity, a healthy balanced diet.