The biathlon world Championships 2020: Pidhrushna finished 4th, Semerenko – 11-I

14 February in the Italian Antholz continued the biathlon world Championships. On Friday, the women ran the sprint (7.5 kilometer). The victory went to Norway olsbu Marte of Roseland.

The results of the sprint

1. Olsbu Marte-Of Rosseland (Norway)
2. Susan Dunkle (USA)
3. Lucius Charvatova (Czech Republic)

4. Olena Pidhrushna (Ukraine)
11. Vita Semerenko (Ukraine)
22. Julia Jim (Ukraine)
36. Valentina Semerenko (Ukraine)

The course of the struggle

Women’s sprint race gave real intrigue. The cause of error biathletes in the shooting. In particular, the overall leader of Tiril Eckhoff not shut down as many as 6 targets.

Failed shooting Ingrid-landmark Tandrevold (4), Lena Hakki (6), Julie Simon (4), Hanna öberg (3). Thus, women who have a better shot, got a real chance to compete for awards.

Better worked olsbu Marte-of Reiseland. One mistake and a great shooting let her win the world championship gold.

Second, somewhat unexpectedly, became an American Susan Dunkle. She worked cleanly in two loops and won silver.

The fight for bronze was between the Ukrainian Olena Pidhrushna and Czech Lucie Charvatova. Despite the penalty on the first shooting Elena actually claim awards.

The Ukrainian on the last lap showed excellent speed, but still lost Charvatova 4 seconds.

As the race overcame other Ukrainka

Best shot in the race Vita Semerenko. She closed all 10 targets, but did not intervene in the fight for the medals because of the low speed – 11 level.

Julia is Jim’s first Ukrainians went the distance. It is in two loops made two mistakes. Due to 2 penalties Yulia was on the 22-th row.

Good time showed Valentina Semerenko, purely worked on the prone shooting. However, two unfortunate penalties in the first standing did not allow the Ukrainian to compete for awards – 36th place.