The biathlon world Championships 2020: Ukrainian women caught on rewards in the pursuit

In the world Championships 2020 hosted the women’s pursuit. The victory went to Italian Dorothea Wierer.

Race results

1. Dorothea Wierer (Italy)
2. Denise Herrmann (Germany)
3. Olsbu Marte Rosseland (Norway)

13. Olena Pidhrushna (Ukraine)
19. Julia Jim
39. Vita Semerenko
43. Valentina Semerenko

The course of the struggle for the victory

The first race started Norway olsbu Marte Rosseland thanks to the victory in the sprint. Our Olena Pidhrushna started the race 4th and already after the first shooting seriously worsened their position due to 2 penalties.

Susan Dunkle (USA) took the lead in the race and kept behind Olsby and Italian Dorothea wierer. Latest after the second shooting along with Olsby worked cleanly and took the lead.

Fast shooting in the first standing stage allowed the Wearer and Olsby to hold the lead. German Denise Herrmann despite a penalty, and retained the third place.

The real intrigue unfolded after the last “stand”, where the Wearer and Herrman made a penalty Olsby two. The Italian Wearer the advantage of more than 20 seconds are not lost and became world champion.

The silver award was won by the German Denise Herrmann, who has shown remarkable speed. Olsbu Marte Rosseland won for Norway with the bronze.

How did Ukrainka

As mentioned above, Pidhrushna had a great starting position, but ruined my race shooting (4 penalties). The leader of the Ukrainian team finished only 13th.

Yulia Jim before the last shooting was in top-10. But three penalties allowed her to claim a higher level – 18-e a place.

For a long time for bronze race was claimed by Vita Semerenko, of which the first two shootings worked on zero. However, 4 penalty loops after the standing shooting pushed Vitu on 39th place.

Valentina Semerenko with 4 penalties took only the 43rd place.