The “birth of the Goblin”: Bogutskaya rigidly walked on the new electoral code, video

"Родили гоблина": Богуцкая жестко прошлась по новому избирательному кодексу, видео

According to Bohutska, she’s a person convinced that everything should be very simple and clear.

Ukrainian blogger from Crimea Lisa Bogutskaya in his new post, raised the issue of “accountability” of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of 8th convocation. It is known that the Ukrainian Parliament went on vacation.

About this, Lisa would pull on his page in Facebook.

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“Question: could gone on vacation Rada of 8th convocation to write something for the people? Well, that was simple and straightforward. After all, the fewer the laws the confusion, the more transparent life. The electoral code. By open lists. 5 years of struggle for change in the system of elections to remove corruption. 5 years of rallies and actions at BP. Many thousands of amendments to the law resulting in the birth of a freak. This type: wanted new code – get. In fact, these works have in the furnace. Entirely. New electoral legislation does not solve problems. It will spawn a new one. Exponentially,” wrote Bogutskaya.

Also, the blogger said that he always opposed the “complications”.

“I like a man, convinced that everything should be very simple and clear, has always opposed any complications, add-ins, Grand formulas, etc. Listened to Olga Sytnik (Hulabaloo). She conveys his understanding of the code. If all is well, very sad. Leaving in the past members of the 20-th times gave birth to the Goblin,” concluded the blogger.