The birthday of Vladimir Klitschko, a new scheme of complete European competitions: sports news 25 Mar

Wednesday, March 25, there have been many important developments in the world of sports. About the most important – read the review Спорт24.

  • 1Владимир Klitschko celebrated 44th anniversary

  • 2УЕФА has proposed an interesting plan how to finish the season in the Champions League and Europa League

  • 3Реакция Ukrainian athletes to the transfer of the 2020 Olympics

  • 4ФИФА can continue the transfer window until January due to coronavirus

  • 5Кабинет of Ministers has liquidated the State Agency of sports

On March 25, 2020 marks 44 years old Ukrainian boxer Vladimir Klitschko. Of his professional career I can write a lot. Here and Olympic gold in Atlanta 1996, and five various titles (WBO, IBF, IBO The Ring and WBA). It was not only the WBC title, but they at that time belonged to his older brother Vitali.

Better a fighter say his performances in the ring. And here Vladimir also has something to boast about – 69 fights in which he won 64 wins (54 of them ahead of time). 23 times he won, sending the opponent in the knockout. Therefore, we offer you to remember the best knockouts in the history of Dr. Steel Hammer.

Pandemic coronavirus is not yet on the decline. Therefore, the restoration of the football season is delayed. And yet it will have once complete.

European clubs and UEFA are considering how to finish and national Championships and competitions. One of the proposals was expressed by the President of the European club Association (ECA) and the owner of Juventus Andrea Agnelli.

Agnelli insists that national Championships are more important than the European Cup. So he invited UEFA to all teams finish their Championships. And then in July to hold the European Cup matches every three days.

Games in Tokyo were forced to postponed due to the pandemic coronavirus in 2021. Reaction of the Ukrainian athletes for a long time did not have to wait. Reactions athletes shared in their social networks.

The international football Federation (FIFA) considers the variant in which the summer transfer window will be extended until January 2021 due to pandemic coronavirus.

An internal Championships may be delayed until the end of summer and time for transfers simply will not. That is why the window can extend for a longer period.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine liquidated the State Agency of sports. And the State Agency for youth and civil society.

4 Dec 2019, the Cabinet has created the seven relevant government agencies in the areas of competence of the Ministry of culture, youth and sports. Among them the state Agency of sports. 17 Feb 2020 headed the newly created Agency, the President of the karate Federation of Ukraine Serhiy Levchuk.

However, on March 4, was elected the new composition of the Cabinet. It separated the Ministry of youth and sports. It was headed by Vadim Gutzeit. And a month from the beginning of work of the state Agency of sports, March 18, the Cabinet of Ministers has dismissed Sergey Levchuk.

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