The bitcoin network has slowed, prompting a surge of unconfirmed transactions and the increase in fees

Сеть биткоина замедлилась, вызвав всплеск неподтвержденных транзакций и рост комиссионных

The network of bitcoin slowed down after the events of Kalinga, which led to increase mempool.

Mempool of bitcoin has reached its maximum size in the two years since the mining activity of the network has diminished after decreasing the reward for mining bitcoin half.

Mempool is all unconfirmed transactions initiated in the network of bitcoin, but not yet included in a block.

What is your favorite explanation for the steady growth of the bitcoin mempool after halving

asked a well-known trader and analyst bitcoin vine Vaughan (Wayne Vaughan) on Twitter.

A surge and saturation of unconfirmed transactions is due to a decrease in the activity of mining in the bitcoin blockchain after halving may 11.

Miners prefer transactions in the pool based on the size of the commissions, due to which there are transactions with low fees that fall into the digital equivalent of uncertainty.

Due to the high level of competition for block space fee for transactions in the network grows.

According to BitInfoCharts, the average Commission in the network of the bitcoin reached the highest level in 2020 – $of 6.64, compared to $1,92 to halinga.

Users are forced to pay a premium to ensure that their transactions will be given preference over other operations in manule.

In addition to raising fees, reducing network activity has led to the fact that mining block takes more time. According BitInfoCharts, time mining block was 14 minutes after halving that exceeds its historical average in 10 minutes.