The black hole show on the big screen: details of the premiere

Черную дыру покажут на большом экране: детали премьеры

Famous photo of the black hole has gained popularity in network six months ago, however, the researchers decided not to stop. An international group of scientists announced the creation of a full movie from a space object in the title role.

Using a network of telescopes Event Horizon of astrophysics has already collected the necessary data that are processed to create the first video featuring the black hole, according to

By the end of the next decade we are going to shoot high-quality movies about black holes in real time, which shows not only how they look but how they act on the space stage,
– said the head of the project Shep Doulman.

What is known about legendary picture and its authors? Previously, the team, consisting of 347 scientists from around the world, has been awarded a “Breakthrough in fundamental physics”, received $ 3 million and the so-called “Oscar of science” published in April the.

Черную дыру покажут на большом экране: детали премьеры

The first ever image of black hole

Astronomers combined several telescopes, simulating a giant device the size of the Earth capable of observing space objects with unprecedented resolution. This allowed the scientists to “reach” the borders of black holes.

The premiere of the film, created on the basis of the new research, scheduled for 2020.

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