The bodies of two Ukrainian workers found in a refrigerator in Poland: details

Тела двух украинских заробитчан нашли в холодильнике в Польше: подробности

In Poland happened emergency incident in one of the hangars, in the freezer found the bodies of two people.

According to one of the telegrams-channel “Ukraine today”, yesterday in Sadkowice (Rav Mazowiecka) in the chamber for fruit storage hangar owners found the bodies of two Ukrainian workers. 46 men and 28 years were in Poland legally and lived here, on the territory of the hangars.

Police arriving at the scene of prishestviya filed a criminal case, interviewed witnesses of the incident and sent a message to the Embassy of Ukraine. Found the two Ukrainians, who were relatives immediately summoned medical assistance, but due to the fact that men were in an oxygen-free room doctors were unable to help.

Emergency incident happened in the Lodz province, in Sadkowice. Today, law enforcement officers will conduct an autopsy and already on November 14 the body will be conveyed to terrioriyu Ukraine. The workers come and Ternopil region and have been legally on the territory of another country.