The body of businessman found in car: details of the murder

Труп бизнесмена нашли в машине: подробности убийства

Militiamen have found the cause of the conflict, which led to the murder

Police two days to find out the identity of the alleged perpetrator of the death of a resident of Kremenchug. Reports a press about it-service of Prosecutor’s office of Poltava region, which controls the investigation.

January 31, police were patrolling the area in the vicinity of Sosnovka. On the highway M-22 Poltava-Alexandria, under the Kremenchug noticed the stationary vehicle Hyundai Santa Fe. He burned the turn signal to the left. Suspicious, the patrol decided to check the status of the driver. Inside was a man with a gunshot wound to the head.

Killed were 55-year-old entrepreneur who lived in Sosnovka. As we found out, the deceased have a financial conflict 36-the summer inhabitant of Kremenchug. Not so long ago a man borrowed of the deceased a large sum – 80 thousand dollars. He promised to spend on new business development. And then failed to return the full amount by the deadline.

The townspeople had an argument. The deceased was trying to get my money back. He agreed to meet with the debtor on January 31 to settle the dispute. The fact of the debt confirms receipt on behalf of a suspect found during a search in the house of the latter. The document indicated a balance of 25 thousand dollars.

According to investigators, the suspect took a firearm and sat on the back seat of the car just behind the driver’s. To once and forever get rid of the debt, the creditor man shot in the head and then fled the scene of the crime.

As reported in Prosecutor’s office, the shooter has been apprehended. The investigation charged him with suspicion of committing premeditated murder. If the guilt of the detained is proved, it can deprive of freedom for a period up to 15 years.

And in the Russian city of Sochi, the 23-year-old student ordered the murder of his family. He decided to babitsa from relatives for material gain.

As the local media, the first time he personally snuck into the house in the night, but the parents noticed that the house is a stranger, then he had to hide. Also tried tried to poison the water in the kettle but the father, a former police officer, became suspicious and prevented the tragedy. Later, 23-year-old student tried to break in the car parents mercury thermometer that didn’t work either.

Then the guy hired a hit man for 3 million rubles, demanding photos of “corpses” with “knife wounds”. However, the contractor was a law enforcement officer, who came to the customer’s network to prevent crime. Parents agreed to pose, and after the transfer of images, the attacker was detained.

Труп бизнесмена нашли в машине: подробности убийства

Труп бизнесмена нашли в машине: подробности убийства