The bomb seen from space: the Deputy of the Russian Federation, Serov disgraced a statement about the Donbass – video

Бомбы видно из космоса: депутат РФ Серова опозорилась заявлением о Донбассе – видео

Russian MP and cosmonaut Elena Serova disgraced a statement at the meeting of the OSCE parliamentary Assembly. She came up with what I personally saw from space, as the Ukrainian troops allegedly bombed civilians Donbass.

Fake statements Serov was recorded in Luxembourg on 8 July. The Russian told the audience that all this is not allegations but real facts.”

Vision Serova and can really be the envy of every inhabitant of our planet. After all, she argues that could see alleged shelling of the APU on the inhabitants of the occupied Donbass from a distance of hundreds of kilometers , with the International space station.

Onboard the ISS with the naked eye I had to see how the exploded bombs and shells on the territory of Donbass and Lugansk. And they flew from the deployment of Armed forces of Ukraine. But this time they killed unarmed men, women, children and the elderly. The Ukrainian authorities are not interested in the security of their own people. She needs conflict
– distinguished Serov.

The Deputy continued his Teikovo the story and added that instability in Ukraine needs a government allegedly “in order to poison Russia, to introduce Russophobic sentiments, thereby hiding their own war crimes”.

She also saw the naked eye from space “a real genocide, which carries out the Ukrainian army against the Ukrainians.”

After these statements, Serov was the real star of social networks. Nick did not hold back laughter and shocked her unique abilities.