The bookies have changed the betting on the result of the presidential election

Букмекеры поменяли ставки на результат выборов президента

The Ukrainians believe in the victory in the elections Poroshenko than Zelensky and Tymoshenko. Ready to vote for their candidates wallet. From the beginning, the bookmaker the three leaders is constantly changing. As told in BC Favorite Sport, to the current political forecasts of heightened public attention, and at the slightest sensation of information analysts immediately adjust the coefficients. The level of passions bookies can be compared with the final of the world Cup.

“Speaking of election betting, first of all, I would like to draw attention to the significant increase in the total number of predictions since the beginning of the year. So, if in January from the common pool betting 25% were elections, and in February the figure rose to 40%, the first week of March brought almost 35% of the total number. The stakes on elections are relatively low and range from a few tens of hryvnia to several thousand”, – told us in a Favorite Sport.

In the beginning of the year the top five favorites were as follows (the lower the coefficient, the more chances to win): Poroshenko – 3,00; Tymoshenko – 2,50; Zelensky – 2,8; Gritsenko – 9,00; Boyko is 15.00.

At the end of January the situation has changed: Poroshenko – 1,90; Tymoshenko to 2.25; Zelensky – 4,70; Gritsenko – 15,00; Boyko – 20,00.

In mid-February: Poroshenko – 1,55; Zelensky – 2,70; Tymoshenko at 6.00; Gritsenko – 25,00; Boyko – 30,00.

As of March 6: Poroshenko – 1,58; Zelensky – 2,70; Tymoshenko – 4,75; Gritsenko – 20,00; Boyko – 30,00.

“In politics, as in sports, the odds are constantly changing. And the closer the event, the more accurate is the forecast. There are still a few weeks of the race, the information is constantly updated, and can still change. Traditionally, the greatest activity was shown by the million-plus cities: Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Lvov, Dnepr. They account for more than 70% of all bets. This is not to identify any individual applicant, who were leading by a wide margin in a particular region”, – he noticed in a Favorite Sport