The Bosch hammer: how to choose and where to buy

Перфораторы Bosch: как выбрать и где купить

Many experienced builders recommend to choose for construction and repair works hammer Bosch. A reliable and trusted tool for years to serve their owners, or hollowing out and drilling holes in the wall and even the dismantling of walls and partitions. The main thing to pick up.

Why Bosch

The brand name on everyone’s lips, which is not surprising. The history of the company began in 1886 in Germany, it was opened by a German engineer Robert Bosch. However, then it was a small workshop which specialized in the manufacture of electrical equipment. Quality products almost immediately was appreciated and quickly won the love of buyers. This allowed the brand to grow and develop.

Today the company – more than 400 subsidiaries in over 60 countries. In addition to power tools, it produces machinery, parts for cars etc.

The Bosch hammer are appreciated for:

  • A wide range of. In the catalog tool of different weights (from 2 to 16 kg) for different types of work – you can choose the range of diameters of drilling, depth of hole, number of revolutions, strikes, power, etc.
  • Workability. The company spends a lot of money on research and development (until 2015, has invested more than €6 billion). In particular for rotary hammers designed: the system Vario-Lock (it allows you to change the position of the chisel or drill bit in the Chuck to find the best angle and quicker to cope with the task), the function of Vibration Control. It reduces vibration, prevents the risk of developing tunnel syndrome. There is still a KickBack Control technology, which protects you from injury due to jamming of the drill in reinforced concrete, etc.
  • The optimal ratio of price and quality. Despite the several advantages of technology, the company can establish a competitive cost.

Moreover, models ergonomic design. So, thought not only the shape of the handles, but the material of their manufacture – there is a special soft lining for comfort and a secure grip of the tool.

How to choose

First of all, look at the type of power tools:

  • Appliances marked with the letter P in the marking and have a green color scheme. They are designed specifically for DIY. They can be used to make repairs, but to use them continuously for 8 hours a day 5 days a week still not worth it – they are not designed for it. They are also susceptible to construction dust – is constantly acting on a punch (meaning cases where it will be used daily for several hours a day), it will be slowly disabling.
  • Professional are identified by the letter G, the casing is made in blue color. Such models are well tolerated by strikes, mechanical action as they are impact resistant. They provide protection from concrete dust, damp (with this tool you can work in heat and cold). Moreover, technology is implemented, making the instrument as safe as possible for the person who worked with him.

Along with a model view, it is important to take into account the type of its power: there are the network and battery drills. First powered from the mains, they are more powerful and often cheaper than rechargeable. The second is more comfortable, because they have no wires, they are mobile, Autonomous.

An additional and important features: the presence of a reverse function electronic variable speed, chiselling mode, finally, equipment (for example, whether a removable Chuck for drilling).

Where to buy

Assortment of Bosch hammer online-store “Alceste”. On the website you can choose yourself the appropriate model or with professional help, immediately ordered the technician advice.

To check out the tool by phone or through a personal account, and to take in the points of issue in Kiev. Also provided courier delivery in Kyiv and delivery in the regions transport company.