The boss of Take-Two explained why the company does not prepare a movie for GTA

Босс Take-Two объяснил, почему компания не готовит фильм по GTA

Grand Theft Auto – is not the worst candidate for a film adaptation in the series came a lot of crime dramas, which could be transferred to letterbox. However, Take-Two and Rockstar Games don’t plan on and probably never will intend to do it.

In an interview with The Wrap, the head of Take-Two Strauss Zelnik (Strauss Zelnick) explained why the company did not want to work on the film adaptation:

Partly the fact that if we were going to do something like that, we’d like to have full creative control to make sure that [ ] is the way we want. This would mean that we have to Fund this picture.

Next, Zelnick said: the problem is not the money – the company simply has no experience in the film industry. Only a few employees Take-Two had to deal with this area, and one of these people – he Zelnick. Accordingly, the owners would have to hire a third-party Studio, and this version of the Zelnick is not satisfied:

We have the most expensive intellectual property in human history – Grand Theft Auto, it all belongs to us and is under our control. Will we let it go and hope that someone, no matter how talented he may be, make it something really good?

The Wrap mentioned George Martin (George R. R. Martin), who was not afraid to trust the book series “a Song of ice and fire” company, and she took a very successful “Game of thrones”. This Zelnick replied bluntly: “But the books by George R. R. Martin is not worth as much as Grand Theft Auto. I’m sorry”.

Recall that the last, the fifth holds the title as the most profitable entertainment product in history. All the stores were shipped more than 115 million copies of the game.

Босс Take-Two объяснил, почему компания не готовит фильм по GTA