The boxers were allowed to fight in sports hijabs

Боксершам разрешили биться в спортивных хиджабах

The international Association of Amateur Boxing (AIBA) has allowed backseam to fight in a sports hijab.

This decision was taken after a meeting in Istanbul, reports

The decision was made in connection with the religious reasons why some athletes would like to be in a special outfit.

It should be noted that the wearing of the hijab during the competition also exists in other sports: volleyball, basketball and fencing.

What is hijab?
Women’s clothing in Islam, the main purpose of which is to hide the figure, the outlines of a woman’s body. Although the hijab covers the whole body and head except face and palms (this form is optional), Muslim women are often close even the face and hands. In some Muslim countries the hijab is mandatory in accordance with the law.

The first among these countries is Saudi Arabia, where women must wear the hijab in black only along with the niqab. Also the hijab is mandatory in Iran, where it is called “the veil”. In several Muslim countries, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Malaysia and Sudan, uniforms of women is clearly spelled out in the legislation.

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