The boy had poor vision due to gaming on a smartphone

У мальчика ухудшилось зрение из-за игр на смартфоне

Students spend more time behind monitors, TVs and private phones. However, this “holiday” can seriously undermine health. For example, in China a child is seriously messed up his vision for mobile games.

What happened? Nine-year-old resident of the province is Hefei in China spent for the phone for ten hours every day, and the parents have not noticed in this hobby is a danger to his child, according to the journalists portal Oriental Daily.

As a result, the student was developing strabismus and myopia due to the constant observation of a bright screen. The child passed the regular medical examination, and doctors have repeatedly advised him not to play and more time to spend under the open sky. The boy said “just can’t stop.”

The accuracy of the information. Perhaps the smartphone and abuse of mobile games are not the only cause of deteriorating vision. Children do not come off from the screens of phones since the emergence of the first push-button models with a color screen, and by 2019, this trend became even larger scale. Not all this passion has led to such consequences.

We cannot exclude the possibility that the story is a classic “duck”, which was used to scare children and their parents.

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