The boy, who foresaw the coronavirus, scored a new prediction

Мальчик, предвидевший коронавирус, отличился новым предсказанием

14-year-old Abina Anand from India in August of last year predicted the outbreak of a terrible virus, which, as we have seen, was carried out. The teenager gave a new prophecy, and it is also not quite happy, according to the portal WWW.PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

Past prediction was posted on YouTube, the movie called “a Serious danger to the world from November 2019 through April 2020”. The psychic then said that will come a serious crisis. Abinia not talking specifically about the virus. He only mentioned that most affected China, as well as “rich” country. Prediction a few months later launched.

In a new video called “the Future of the world 2020-2021” the teenager told the future trials on the basis of astrological analysis. So, the good news will not be until at least the end of June, and the strain will calm down around July. Before mass media wrote after the analysis of the predictions of a clairvoyant Indian that the coronavirus will disappear on March 29. According to Abinee, he meant only his relief, though temporary.

20.12.20 expect a new catastrophe, which will be more dangerous the current. The negative impact of the disaster will last until March 2021.

Humanity will be attacked an even greater number of viruses, the crisis of “knock” in all the countries. Perhaps the emergence of “superbugs” that people have not yet encountered. We can only hope for the best and believe that everything will end well.