The Brazilian was built in Ukraine mining-farm for $ 100 million

Бразилец построил в Украине майнинг-ферму за 100 млн долларов

The Brazilian of Japanese descent Carlos Fusuma has invested more than $100 million in the creation of the data center in Kropyvnyts’ke on 17 thousand cards. Data center is located in the former dining room of factory writing machines “Pishmash”. It is reported Forklog.

Acquired graphics card capable of mine Ethereum, and is also used in cloud computing. The building housed several transformer substations. Each video card has a power of about 2 kW., and their total capacity, according to technicians of the data centre, is about 35 mW. In turn, close to Kirovogradoblenergo source said that the mining farm has received the technical conditions for 6 MW.

Technical contractors on this project were the founders of the IT group Dinaline Lazebnikov Yuri and Oleg Mole. They also supply data center software solutions for ventilation systems and rendering.

The most important thing in the Telegram

In 2018, when the cryptocurrency market is in a slump, and mining Ethereum has ceased to be a profitable business, founders Dinaline convinced Pusiano to use the equipment for cloud-based video rendering. Dinaline helped the Japanese to register a legal entity in Ukraine, which officially start foreign exchange revenue for virtual servers rent.

In the nearest plans of Fusuma: capacity expansion, launch of a new cryptocurrency Ethereum Express, the expansion of business in Zaporozhye and potential direct contracts with nuclear plants after the appearance in Ukraine of a free electricity market.

Currently Fusuma and partners are busy looking for investors willing to invest in a cloud data center from $100 to $20 thousand. The ROI promised in the next 4-5 years.

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