The British court declared illegal the decision of Johnson to suspend the work of Parliament

Суд Британии признал незаконным решение Джонсона приостановить работу парламента

After the court decision opponents of the Johnson demand his resignation

The Supreme court – the constitutional court of Britain – declared illegal the decision of the Prime Minister Boris Johnson to send the Parliament in recess until October 14. This is the BBC.

It is reported that all 11 judges Board decided that the decision was illegal. As the BBC reports, the court adopted the “unique, historic decision, in fact, recognize Johnson guilty of abuse of power.”

After that, the leader of the opposition labour party’s Jeremy Corbyn urged Johnson to resign.

While Johnson, answering a question of journalists, if he goes to resign in case of defeat in the Supreme court, replied that he would carefully review the court’s decision, and that the government fully respects the law and the court.