The British government approved a new migration system – media

Правительство Британии одобрило новую миграционную систему - СМИ

The Cabinet Boris Johnson supported the introduction next year of a new immigration system based on points.

“The government is Boris Johnson approved the introduction of next year’s immigration system, which is based on points. It aims to reduce the dependence of the UK on low-paid workers from abroad”, – stated in the message.

As noted, Johnson said that immigration reform, which will be presented in Parliament in March, will allow the country to remain “open and welcoming to talent,” but at the same time less dependent on “unskilled”.

It is expected that the government will adhere to the recommendations put forward by the independent Advisory Committee on migration. In particular, this refers to lowering the threshold of wages for some workers from 30 to 25.6 thousand thousand pounds.

Under the new system, candidates will receive more points if they apply to work in critical public sectors such as health and education. Will also be considered knowledge of English language, level of education, age and willingness to work outside of London.

The new system will come into force in January 2021.

As you know, the UK withdrew from the EU on January 31 this year.