The British government is “sorry” that he described Trident as extremist, but an apology is not asking

Британское правительство "жалеет", что назвало трезубец экстремистским, но извинения не просит

The speaker of the British government made an official statement regarding the inclusion of a small emblem of Ukraine in the antiterrorist Handbook of police. Britain regrets that insulted the Ukraine. At the same time the apology in a statement.

The text of the official statement released on Twitter by the British Embassy in Ukraine.

The British government says he wasn’t trying to offend Ukraine. At the same time recognizes that the same insulted. However, the statement is not an apology.

We are aware and sorry for the insults inflicted by the emergence of the Ukrainian Trident in the “visual aid” of the British police. British authorities have deep respect for the official symbols of Ukrainian statehood,

– stated in the message.

The Embassy adds that they recognize the Trident as the main element of the national coat of arms, which has a constitutional, historical and cultural significance for the people of Ukraine. The statement ends with words, that Britain looks forward to deepening bilateral relations with Ukraine in the future.

At the same time, there is no mention of whether the police to seize offensive for Ukraine, publication of training materials to the police. It is also not clear whether the government considered the error assignment of the Trident to the list of symbols of extremist organizations.

The introduction by Britain of a Trident in extremist symbols, what is known

  • The anti-terrorist unit of the police in the UK have included the Ukrainian Trident in the list of extremist symbols as part of a campaign against radicalism. The document has already sent medical workers and teachers of educational institutions.
  • The Embassy of Ukraine has called the placement of the coat of arms of Ukraine in the document, along with Nazi symbols outrageous. Diplomats demand to immediately withdraw Trident from the tutorial and apologize to Ukraine.
  • The foreign Ministry of Ukraine noted that any binding of the coat of arms of Ukraine with extremism offends the feelings of millions of people in Ukraine and beyond its borders. The Agency expect the withdrawal of the symbolism of Ukraine from the tutorial.