The British have come up with a way to make an old Land Rover Defender new

Британцы придумали способ, как сделать из старых Land Rover Defender новые

Unit range Rover Classic involved in the restoration and maintenance of Aftonbladet brand, shortly before the premiere Land Rover Defender new generation has introduced several packages of improvements for off previous generations.

The British developers were inspired by the success of the Land Rover Defender limited edition Works V8, released in honor of the 70th anniversary of the brand. The packs are suitable for “all terrain vehicle”, produced from 1994 to 2016, in three-door and five-door body styles. The minimal set – this 18-inch forged alloy wheels Sawtooth installed on all cars that fall under the program.

A Suspension Upgrade Kit for cars made since 2007. It includes upgraded suspension components and its reconfiguration. More global improvement – Handling Upgrade Kit, where in addition to CDs and improved suspension, proposed an improved brake discs, pads and calipers.

The most extensive kit, called Classic Works Upgrade Kit is installed only on machines manufactured not before 2012, with a 2.2-liter TDCi motor. This Nador includes drives, improvements to suspension and brakes. In addition, the package accommodates off road “tires” and flashing of the engine.

But if you’re already going to run for a upgrade for my old SUV, hold on. Packages can be ordered and installed only in Britain at the production sites or Classic Land Rover from local dealers.

Meanwhile, the new “Def” is nearing completion of sea trials. Cars premiere is scheduled for September. Most likely, the debut will take place at the Frankfurt motor show.

Британцы придумали способ, как сделать из старых Land Rover Defender новые