The British police destroyed the motorcycles bullies

Британская полиция уничтожила мототехнику хулиганов

British authorities once again showed that the severity and edification of the society transformed the scrap-stories of offenders.

The laws of Albion often shows surprising rigor with respect to road bullies. In 2016 a group of 29 riders created havoc in the area of Solihull and Birmingham. Guys get caught and punished – most of them got probation, but there were also those who were put on a year or two. It would seem that the thugs humiliated, but the police this was not enough. They confiscated twenty pieces of motor equipment and destroyed part of them. The rest will pass the technical colleges.

“People who had these bikes, endangers other road users and pedestrians. Their owners have been punished, but it is important to show that we are also seeking to destroy their vehicle. Some of these bikes are worth thousands of pounds, so owners should think carefully before breaking the road rules and break the law,” said chief inspector Jack Hadley, who participated in the arrest of riders, and participating in their business.