The British woman gave birth to twins from two different men

Британка родила близнецов от двух разных мужчин

A gay couple from the UK for the first time in the history of medicine had children with a surrogate mother, which is impregnated simultaneously by both parents. About this on their pages, The Mirror reports, reports

According to the publication, Simon and Graham Bernie-Edwards always wanted to create a completely normal family. In this regard, they appealed to the clinic for in vitro fertilization, working in Los Angeles. There they picked up the surrogate, which was a 32-year-old Meg stone. She received for their service of 25 thousand pounds (about 915 thousand hryvnia).

However, gay couples a long time it was impossible to determine who exactly will be the father of their unborn child. At the clinic they were told that this process can take part both men. One man can fertilize one half of the embryo, and the second – another. “Meg did a great job. Turns out, she actually got pregnant from just two men. Thanks to the wonderful possibilities of IVF, we managed to fulfill our dream… When we kept the children for the first time, we couldn’t believe that we are both dads. It was a long road, but it was worth it,” says 43-year-old Simon.