The Brits took to the streets of London in lingerie: known to cause captivating protest – Lifestyle 24

Британки вийшли на вулиці Лондона в спідній білизні: відома причина звабливого протесту - Lifestyle 24

In London sparked a lot of protest: British women dressed in underwear, opposed the policy of Victoria’s Secret’s choice of models. Girls stood outside of the boutique brand with posters “We want diversity in all brands.”

What about a spicy meeting in London

British women of different shapes, sizes and colour took to the streets of London to Express its position on the modern standards of beauty. In particular, women jawbone brand Victoria’s Secret, which invites on the show only slim models.

It is not only in a different shape and color of skin. We protest against the statements do not look at models and women who do not conform to the “ideal fantasy.” We are all equal! We all have favorite and beautiful!
– said the participants of the rally spicy.

The protest was held on December 7 near the boutique Victoria’s Secret and attracted a lot of attention of passers-by. Your way out they called “the fall of the angels”, symbolically attaching the black wings on their backs.

Why British women went on a protest

It is known that such a protest called the controversial review of the marketing Director of Victoria’s Secret ed Razek. The man has publicly stated that the brand collaborates with TRANS-models and plus-size because they will lead to the destruction of the “perfect fantasy”, which is created by the famous “angels”. After the resonance in the network ed Razek yet apologized for his words, but it did not save the situation.

The statement of the representative of Victoria’s Secret reacted sharply buxom model Tess Holliday. She announced a boycott of the brand urged fans to join her in protest. The model requires that the company cared about all women and sewed lingerie in different sizes.

Such a protest in their own way have supported women all over the world. Many beautiful women ceased to follow the new Victoria’s Secret and watched the Grand show, which was broadcast on 2 December. Consequently, the ratings of the brand plummeted, and the Executive Director of the Victoria’s Secret Jan singer resigned.

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