The browser analyses the reasons for the dismissal of the American Ambassador Yovanovitch

Обозреватель анализирует причины увольнения американского посла Йованович

Knowledgeable Yury Vitalyevich people say that the desire to “get to America” was a real thing Lutsenko. He’s incredibly jealous of Avakov, the holder is not one of the official invitation to visit the States, and hated “American pet” Sytnyk. But the attempts of the attorney General to meet with some high-ranking US representative was unsuccessful. And even the Ambassador Yovanovitch came to meet with the attorney General only after a couple of months after his arrival in Ukraine, having regard to the fact already with many other Ukrainian VIPs that, as they say, not a little touched the head of the GPU.

About this in his article for ZN.UA says Tatiana Silina. According to her, with Jovanovic Lutsenko do not have a relationship from the first meeting, and their mutual antipathy also played a role in the future professional fate of the Ambassador.

“Jovanovic increasingly irritated with his criticism and “political engineering” as their actions were considered on Bank. And when it was decided to weave the uncomfortable Ambassador to the reconstructed scheme is not just a “translation arrow trunovskogo anger” on the Democrats, and outright purchase of the location of the head of the White house to give up dirt on his rival Biden, Lutsenko with undisguised pleasure has rushed to execute the command “FAS”.

According to sources ZN.UA the last straw that broke the scales in favor of Jovanovic, became her communication with the team newly elected President, where she allegedly hinted that the United States would not like to see in the President’s entourage and, especially, on any public posts, or Igor Kolomoisky nor Andrei Bogdan or Yuri Lutsenko. Sources claim that after that, Lutsenko called his new “friend Rudy”, and Ambassador Yovanovitch was urgently summoned to Washington, where he announced the completion of its work in Ukraine. But Giuliani now says publicly that the Ambassador had provided false information to the authorities of Ukraine, opposed the policy of the President of trump and all were “on the wrong (i.e. democratic. – T. S.) side.”