The budgets of Zaporozhie region received 7.7 million UAH from the tourist tax

Бюджеты Запорожской области получили 7,7 миллиона гривен от туристического сбора

Since the beginning of the year in local budgets in Zaporizhia region increased its revenues by 7.7 million hryvnia at the expense of turisticheskogo collection.

About it reported in a press-service of regional tax, transfers 061.

Compared to last year, revenues at the expense of tourists has increased by 114%, in addition to the Treasury has written to 4,1 million hryvnias.

Significant amounts of the agents listed in November – more than two million. Traditionally, the greatest amount of money received budgets Akimov and Azov areas – over 3 million UAH, Berdyansk, Berdyansk and the Primorsky districts – nearly 2.4 million, as well as Zaporozhye – 2,1 million hryvnias.

Only on the territory of the region was 810 payers of tourist tax is primarily hotels, motels, resorts, campgrounds, health centres, dispensaries, apartments and intermediary organizations, and others.

We will remind, this year each local Council independently made the decision on rates of tourist tax in the context of up to 0.5% of the minimum wage for domestic tourism and 5% for outbound tourism for each day of temporary accommodation of persons in places of residence (overnight).

Under the law, tourist tax is not included in the price of boarding houses or bases of rest. Vacationers pay it separately and have the right to receive payment documents.

The tourist infrastructure of the region includes more than 550 institutions of temporary accommodation, including: 425 recreation, 32 facilities, 27 health centres and complexes, 21 to the sanatorium and dispensary, 9 resorts, 8 tourist shelters 25 children’s camps. In some areas of the region there are estates rural (green) tourism.