The building blew up after a strong explosion.

Здание взлетело на воздух после сильного взрыва: есть жертвы

A powerful explosion blew the room a single-storey building, hurt people

The incident occurred in Los Angeles. There the blast destroyed three rooms in the house.

The city fire Department said that the building was not residential. It had offices and workshops. The explosion severely injured two people. From immediately hospitalized in a medical facility. On the severity of their injuries was not reported.

The explosion blew the room, the roof caved in.

Law enforcement agencies establish a picture of what happened.

As previously reported, on March 19 in the Dneprovsky district of Kiev, in a residential building, a massive explosion. Unidentified man tossed an explosive substance under the door of the stairwell of flats in the house №30 along the street of Suleiman stalsky.

The result of the front door delivered, also damaged the Windows of nearby apartments. Residents urgently evacuated.

On the scene left the police officers, doctors and several fire engines. Police say that the cause of the explosion was a grenade or a powerful explosion.

Eyewitnesses say they saw a man that was running after the people heard the sound of an explosive device. The suspect looks like nobody remembered.

Fortunately, no one was hurt. Residents were not allowed into the house as there was a risk of leakage and explosion of gas. I worked at a place rescuers, investigative team and employees of the gas inspection.

Also add that the attacks have started flagship stores of famous confectionery Corporation Roshen. Only in March 2019 “sweet” shops were damaged in the amount exceeding UAH 200 thousand.

Over the last couple of years only 15 confectionery stores Roshen in Kiev, Kharkiv, Lviv and Vinnytsia were attacked. This is stated in the press service of the confectionery company.

Burning shops in Kiev. For example, about a month ago, burned Roshen on the Left Bank of Kiev – Bazhana Ave. And on the night of March 18, Obolonskyi Avenue lit up another one. The attackers doused the building with hot mixture and set it on fire. The fire damaged only part of the facade of the building, there were no casualties and victims.

Здание взлетело на воздух после сильного взрыва: есть жертвы

Здание взлетело на воздух после сильного взрыва: есть жертвы