The bus driver brought the little girl to tears, the power hold in the cabin

Водитель маршрутки довел маленькую девочку до слез, силой удерживая в салоне

Another blatant case of child abuse occurred in Melitopol bus. This time the victim was a schoolgirl who was driving on route 12 without parents. The girl’s grandmother said that the driver had locked the kid in the cabin, and then began to insult and intimidate.

What provoked the aggression of minibuses known as and it is unclear why none of the adults stood up for the child. However, perhaps those present considered that the driver has the right to raise other people’s children, because not so long ago that passengers had perpetrated violence against two young companions.

The woman in the social network is looking for witnesses to the incident: “Melitopoltsy very much I ask to respond who are now 25. 01. 2019 rode in bus number 12 from Kirov Train station in the area about three in the afternoon. At the final stop the driver of the white minibus in front of other passengers not allowed to get the child out of the bus. After everything came out closed the door and began to insult the child. Shouted at her, called her used psychological violence against nesovershennoletnie girl. Very much I ask to respond those who care. Violence against children is unacceptable and evil should not be impunity. Today he used psychologische violence tomorrow will close the door and apply physical. The child in shock and ran out of the bus and didn’t remember to state the number of machines. Please help to find a moral monster.”