The bus passengers erupted on the move: impressive shots

Автобус с пассажирами вспыхнул на ходу: впечатляющие кадры

The bus with passengers in the cabin went on the usual route

Suddenly, the vehicle was enveloped in flames.

The accident happened on Wednesday, June 12, in Poltava region. There near the village Olenevka caught the bus with the people, writes an Apostrophe, referring to the regional Directorate of national police.

At the time of the fire in the cabin was 25 people.

The bus was traveling on route Horishni Marshes – Kobeliaky. About the hour of the day and there was a fire bus.

The driver immediately stopped the bus and all the passengers quickly evacuated. As a result of incident nobody has suffered.

The flames were very strong, and until rescuers arrived, the bus had managed to burn down.

Law enforcement authorities note that, most likely, in the vehicle there was a short in the wiring.

As previously reported, a passenger injured in the bus that caught fire in Pavlograd, said that she had to undergo.

On the street Dnieper in the area of “village Shop” caught the bus No. 13. Rode 20 people. The incident occurred on 11 June at 14:30.

“This is due to the fact that no work on the flight – the drivers of change, go to work in Europe, no money for spare parts and maintenance services of cars”, – said the Director of ATP “SOVTUR” Vasiliy Zinchenko. According to him, there were no injuries and the driver and passengers quickly left. The bus was extinguished by firefighters.

However, as it became known later that due to a fire in the bus was injured girl named Valeria. Due to crowding in the bus, she received a leg injury.

“The bus stopped, there was a fire. Inside was a fire. Immediately locked the door, m could not get out, began to panic. people began to push, I had someone stepped on the foot when the driver opened the door I just fell out of the bus, couldn’t get out, people just stepped over me… It was very scary. I just trampled, including men,” says Valeria.

She is in a stressful condition. From the scene she was taken to the ambulance, took a picture – of a broken leg there, but some time will have to walk in the brace.

“I’m crying not because of legs but because of the fact that I have a lot of plans, work… at least the plaster is imposed. But the bandage is, for a moment, 650 UAH. But I’m not going to demand compensation. I’m just sorry – it should not be, tomorrow will crush the child and also say that nobody suffered”, – the girl speaks.

The preliminary cause of fire – circuit wiring.

Автобус с пассажирами вспыхнул на ходу: впечатляющие кадры

Автобус с пассажирами вспыхнул на ходу: впечатляющие кадры