The business formulated the 9 main requirements for the new Parliament

Бизнес сформулировал 9 главных требований к новой Верховной Раде

The deputies are asked to accept a wad of priority bills.

The Central election Commission has not yet announced the final results of the elections to the Verkhovna Rada. But the business spoke about the priority problems, the solution of which are domestic companies and the economy as a whole. The European business Association gathered them together and led 9 key points.

  1. To expedite customs clearance along with the “single window” I want to ensure the functioning of Institute of Authorized economic operator. It is necessary to adopt bill No. 7473, as well as draft law No. 9532, which will introduce new computerised transit system (NCTS). It will allow you to monitor goods at the border.
  2. The cancellation of penalties for late registration/not registration of the tax invoice and adjustment calculation is not a VAT payer. As well as the abolition of penalties for self-clarification of reports on controlled operations. The business insists on the old reimbursement of VAT debts. Formed until 1 February 2016.
  3. Allow people to choose the Bank in payment of wages (bill No. 2287а). And to adopt a more modern labour legislation (bill No. 1658).
  4. To counteract the shadow economy, we need total fiscalization, the implementation of the latest technologies RRO, protection of intellectual property rights, increase liability for non-issuance of receipts, the fight against counterfeit and other.
  5. The fight with gray grain market, reaching 40% of the total. The EBA is lobbying for the abolition of the soybean-rapeseed amendments (as incorporated in the bills No. 10027 and No. 10027-1). The Association claim that this will restore fair conditions of taxation in the agricultural sector.
  6. Implement a clear identification and rules of work in the Internet.
  7. Further harmonization of Ukrainian legislation with the European one. Among the primary selected draft laws on market surveillance (No. 5450-1 and No. 10222), about waste, about veterinary medicine.
  8. To provide access of Ukrainian farmers to modern technologies, crop protection (bill No. 6606). And to abolish some restrictions on clinical trials in the hope of attracting foreign companies to research.
  9. To attract private investment in the field of logistics, you need to enter one of the most common forms of public-private partnership in the world – concession (bill No. 8125). Yet business insists on the adoption of draft law No. 9512, which would allow private companies to transfer freight using its own locomotives. This would deprive “Ukrzaliznytsya” monopoly in this sphere.