The Cabinet has approved a ban on the installation of air conditioning in buildings-monuments of culture

Кабмин одобрил запрет на установку кондиционеров на домах-памятниках культуры

The Russian government has approved a bill that regulates the placement of technical devices on the facades of cultural heritage.

“To approve the draft Federal law “On amendments to article 473 of the Federal law “On objects of cultural heritage (monuments of history and culture) of peoples of the Russian Federation” in regulating the placement of air conditioners and other equipment on the facades of cultural heritage objects” and to submit it to the state Duma in the established order”, – reads the statement of the Cabinet.

According to the draft law, the ban will affect the installation of external blocks of air conditioners and other technical devices on the facade of the cultural heritage in the case that the façade relates to its subject matter of protection.

Restrictions do not affect the technical devices of protection and alarm.