The Cabinet has exempted the tenants of state property from rents at the time of quarantine

Кабмин освободил арендаторов госимущества от арендной платы на время карантина

On 15 July the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted initiated and prepared by the state property Fund (SPF) a resolution that exempts tenants of state property from the rent or to provide discounts of 50% and 75% depending on types of their activities for a period of quarantine.

As reports a press-service FGIU, the purpose of the decision is the provision of business support, which incurs losses in a crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus infection.

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According to the Resolution, the list of tenants, who are completely exempt from rent for use of immovable state property at the time of quarantine are:

those who rent rooms in educational buildings educational institutions of state form of ownership;

those who rent premises to accommodate private schools and state educational institutions, partially financed from the state budget, education institutions, financed from the local budget, state and municipal institutions of non-formal education (except for rehabilitation institutions for children and youth) and pre-school education institutions, sports institutions, which are aimed?? on the organization and conduct of various sports activities, libraries, museums and others;

Rent of state property brought into the Treasury 676 million UAH

those who rent premises for the purpose of organizing concerts and other entertainment activities, household service of the population; the implementation of tour operator and travel Agency activities.

The list of tenants for which the rent for immovable state property reduced by 50%, include:

those that use real public property for placement of food items, Photocopying services, computer clubs and Internet cafes, shopping facilities for the sale of industrial goods (except those which carry out retail trade of hygiene products) and non-food sales, which has been in use, exhibitions of fine and book products manufactured in Ukraine exhibitions of non-food products without the implementation of trade, hotels, transport companies for passengers, office space;

Ukrainian legal and physical persons who are the subjects of small business, and operates directly on a rented production site;

actors cinematic activities, whose main activity is the production or technical support and maintenance of production provided that they are included in the State register of manufacturers, distributors and demonstrators of films.

The third category of tenants who received a discount of 75%. These include tenants who use real public property for placement on the territory of the airports:

cafes, bars, café bars, snack bars, buffets, cafeterias,

restaurants, restaurants with night mode of operation;

cafeterias, buffets, is not engaged in the sale of goods of excisable group;

commercial properties.