The Cabinet has not complied with 40% of the orders of the President, the Rada failed to return pensions to residents of Donbas, SBU searched the “1+1”

Кабмин не выполнил 40% поручений президента, Рада провалила возврат пенсий жителям Донбасса, СБУ обыскивает «1+1»

What to do with a government that does not comply with the orders of the President

The President gave the meeting to the government. To which he said that the Cabinet of Ministers and individual ministries performed in 30 of the 52 jobs, assigned to them personally by Vladimir Zelensky. 13 more fulfilled partly, but 9 was promotional.

However, from the President’s speech was not very clear, this statistic is good or bad. Probably still bad, because, speaking about her Zelensky gave the Cabinet another 9 days to get caught up and to reach an acceptable level of performance. Apparently, it is understood that 13 partially completed tasks by February 14 to be fully implemented, and 9 at least partially.

This speech was also unclear as to what, in fact, the deadline had to be performed these tasks? If by February 14, it why, in fact, 5 Feb intermediate results? And if by 5 February, the President’s reaction should be more serious.

It is inconceivable that, for example, Alexander Lukashenko came to a meeting of his government and said, here, guys, 30 tasks you have completed, 13 partially, and 9 – Fig. With great probability even one failed job turned out to be the dismissal to the responsible Minister. And there are as many as 9.

However, 4 of the Ministry in the press service of the Ukrainian President is still named. And one of prokolovsheysya of Ministers – Minister of communities and territories Alyona Babak is already fired. But during the firing so no one reported that this occurred due to the unfulfilled presidential job. And they should be – as a science for others.

But apparently, the summer passion Zelensky pretend to be Lukashenko has already passed. Does not work.

Why “servants” failed return of pensions to pensioners of Donbass

The Verkhovna Rada yesterday held one of its most iconic votes on the bill, restoring the right of all pensioners of Donbas to receive a pension. The vote proved to be ineffective: voted for the bill less than 200 members. And this despite the fact that it was signed by representatives of four factions and groups of Parliament. But the project failed because of the split in the “Servant of the people”.

106 of 248 “servants” is the number of votes gave the Pro-presidential fraction, showing how many deputies it is ready to support Zelenski declared the policy of peace and the restoration of the integrity of the country. Since the restoration of welfare benefits to residents of uncontrolled territories – this is one of the points of the Minsk agreement and one of the demands, constantly put forward by Ukraine of the United Nations.

And 98 voted against or abstentions “servants” are direct opponents of the policy Zelensky. Not a chance with a lot of text-appreciation at them, which made the odious people’s Deputy from “European solidarity” Vladimir viatrovych, who believes the current President a “usurper”.

Characteristically, the bill is not voted all the “heroes” of recent months: Bohdan Yaremenko (known in Parliament as “Anal taboo”), Lisa Bogutskaya (twice goof with the posts of sociologist Eugene Golovakha) and Eugene Bragar. On the last and say no, because in his understanding seniors benefits do not need regularly enough to sell the Pets of elite breeds.

Naturally, such selection of members of the”professionals” do not know about what a “solidarity system”. And that its essence lies in the fact that today you pay a pension to older people, and tomorrow the new generation pays your pension. And it doesn’t matter in this case, the country in which you live and whether you have other sources of income – if you in their duty fulfilled, now it should perform towards you.

Characteristically, voted for the bill, almost all of the faction “Batkivshchyna” (Yulia and Tymoshenko was one of his sponsors). This is an indication that society (except poroshenkovskogo and other nationalist electorate) understands the importance of restoring peace and the application of the principle of social justice.

And because Zelensky would be worth asking why hundreds of people in his faction are working on the electorate Poroshenko and Tyahnybok, and not on his own.

Clan war: SBU scours “1+1”

The split is in power and on the other line. Yesterday, the security service conducted a search in edition of “Money” TV channel “1+1”. The reason for the search – finding evidence of unauthorized recording of a meeting with Prime Minister Goncharuk.

Such a paradox six months ago, no one could not imagine. The presidential and parliamentary elections citizens voted, including, for the termination of a policy of repression against the media, which deliberately made the regime Poroshenko. With all the problems of the current government (like deprivation “112” licenses and draconian laws against the media) one taboo operated: until yesterday, law enforcement agencies have not involved the authorities against the media. And certainly no one could have expected that the first media that is to be searched by the security forces will be “1+1”, which led Zelensky to power and which, in theory, is supposed to be the Pro-government channel.

The Prosecutor General’s office next week promises to provide the results of the investigation on the wiretapping Goncharuk. And it will be interesting to hear, because judging by the events of yesterday, extreme in this case I want to declare journalists – and this will be the final profanation of the investigation, since it is obvious that the ends are clearly not media-based and political.

As for the political consequences of the search on the “Pros”, it is clear that this is a slap in the face to the owner of the channel Ihor Kolomoisky from the SBU. It will be surprising if it remains without consequences.

Why the GPU suspected Fedino

In parallel with the search on “1+1” organized by the SBU, Prosecutor General’s office yesterday unexpectedly showed activity in the case of threats to the President, presenting the suspicion of the people’s Deputy from “European solidarity” Sofia Fedyna. What surprised many, but it doesn’t seem very “European solidarity”, which yesterday was ready for this all day PR on “political repression” from the authorities.

In fact, no trace of the suspect given by the state office of public Prosecutor, yesterday was not. Perhaps the fact that Fedina urgently ill and now can not be the GPU, but actively commented on the topic in social networks.

Frankly, the suspicion is handed to the MP three months after the event, it looks absurd. Especially that simultaneously says nothing about suspicion her accomplice – volonterski Marusya St. John’s Wort, which is said to the President a lot more.

It turns out interesting story, when the government is trying to raise his rating, “pursuing” policies of the party are extremely unpopular in see-the electorate of the former President Poroshenko, and at the same time raises the popularity of the party Poroshenko in the eyes of the electorate. And all this makes the attorney General Ryaboshapka, who a few months protecting the former President from all criminal cases.

Obviously, no legal consequences of yesterday’s announcement of the Prosecutor General will not have. Most of Fedina goes to the GPU, accompanied by TV cameras friendly TV channels, and activists of the “European solidarity” arrange under walls of Prosecutor’s office of a theatrical performance. And this time they will be right, because the whole work of the GPU with the current attorney General is a theatrical performance is.

Select whether Goncharuk prize at KOBOLEV

About another theatrical representation in the Cabinet. Gave to Alexey Goncharuk – the actor playing the role of Prime Minister. Yesterday, he appealed to the leadership of the Supervisory Board of “Naftogaz” with the letter in which has demanded to reconsider the size of the premium assigned to top managers of the company received by it won in court the payment of “Gazprom”.

It should be noted that the Secretariat plays this role convincingly predecessor: Volodymyr Groysman just povozmuschalis multi-million dollar awards Andriy KOBOLEV and Yuriy Vitrenko, but it never did. The current Prime Minister, at least, put his outrage in specific documents.

Moreover, the Cabinet made a similar decision and even “uz”, “Ukrpochta” and other state-owned companies. However, in a country where the government is not doing nearly half of the President’s instructions, it is difficult to expect that someone will carry out the orders of the government.

Although the idea of cutting bonuses of top officials, of course, correct. Here it is only necessary to bring it to a logical end and cut premiums to the Ministers and their deputies, obtained at the end of December. There’s even anyone to write is not necessary – enough to give the command to return the money to the cashier. Or calculate future wages.

Кабмин не выполнил 40% поручений президента, Рада провалила возврат пенсий жителям Донбасса, СБУ обыскивает «1+1»

Кабмин не выполнил 40% поручений президента, Рада провалила возврат пенсий жителям Донбасса, СБУ обыскивает «1+1»

Кабмин не выполнил 40% поручений президента, Рада провалила возврат пенсий жителям Донбасса, СБУ обыскивает «1+1»

Кабмин не выполнил 40% поручений президента, Рада провалила возврат пенсий жителям Донбасса, СБУ обыскивает «1+1»