The Cabinet has published the main provisions of the economic stimulus programs

Кабмин опубликовал основные положения программы стимулирования экономики

The Cabinet has published the main provisions of the economic stimulus programs to overcome the effects caused by restrictive measures to prevent the emergence and spread of coronavirus disease.

The presentation published on the Government portal.

In particular, the main provisions are divided into the following parts:

short – term initiatives in response to COVID-19 (ensuring safe functioning of the economy, protection of Ukrainian goods, works, services of imported alternatives);

– events and sectoral areas to stimulate the economy (support of industry, agricultural sector, energy, transport, infrastructure, services, information and communication technologies);

– to support the economy in functional areas (support of small and medium business, international trade, investment, innovation, job creation and labor market development, a reasonable regulation of economic activity).

The government also reminded that on may 27, 2020 at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers approved a Program to stimulate the economy to overcome the effects of the epidemic COVID-19 condition improved.

It is noted that in the preparation of this programme was attended by over 90 developers, such as think tanks, business associations and individual companies (including small and medium enterprises).

“The Program included initiatives in the following areas: access to Finance, access to markets, deregulation, modernization and development, and access to infrastructure. An important part of the Program will be systematic and thorough support of the domestic manufacturer. A key priority is creating jobs and paying taxes in Ukraine”, – stated in the message.

It is emphasized that the program provides a broad range of methods of support of export promotion; available loans, grant programs; increasing the participation of small and medium-sized businesses in public procurement.

Earlier, the Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture Ihor Petrashko said that the stimulus program contains more than 230 specific activities.

According to the decision of the government meeting of 27 may, the full version will be released after completion of the 3-day period.