The Cabinet has set a cap on the amount of license fee for LCD services in high-rise buildings

Кабмин установил предельный размер абонплаты за ЖК услуги в многоэтажках

Limit the amount of license fee does not depend on the number of LCD services provided by the contractor to the subscriber

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has set a limit on the amount of license fee for utilities in high-rise buildings. The decision the government made during the session on Wednesday, the correspondent of RBC-Ukraine.

In particular, the Cabinet approved a draft decree “On establishing the maximum size of subscription fee for the service per subscriber for utility service to consumers in apartment buildings with individual treaties”.

Thus, it is intended to define a size limit for the subscription fee for the service, which may be charged by the contractor to the appropriate consumer utilities, which is available in a high-rise building on the individual contract.

Also determined that the size limit license fee is not dependent on the quantity of public services by the subscriber.

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