The Cabinet of Ministers in Ukraine has introduced a centralized accounting of wood: details have emerged of

Кабмин ввел в Украине централизованный учет древесины: стали известны детали

In Ukraine from February 1 will work in full centralized accounting of wood.

The origin of each tree will be recorded, and the transparency will be key to the change in the forest industry. The government has emphasized that the “black loggers” under the guise of territorial departments of SFA will disappear. This was stated at a meeting on the development of the forestry sector on 14 January, announced the Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk in Telegam channel.

According to him, for illegal deforestation, the state has already incurred losses of more than 1 billion only in the last few years. Most of the illegal logging suffered the Transcarpathian region. Goncharuk called to remove from the operation of the head of the Transcarpathian regional Department of forest and hunting economy.

Goncharuk said that the new head Goslesagentstva Andrew zablocki need to make the forest sector transparent and competitive.