The Cabinet was accused of draining state secrets PR Agency

Кабмин уличили в сливе гостайны пиар-агентству

The government cannot even articulate the priorities and structure of the report. This in an exclusive interview to the correspondent of the Internet publication Ukraine news – From-UA was told by the economist, the expert Fund public safety Yuri Gavrilechko.

Commenting on the statement Goncharuk about bringing a PR firm to write the report of the Cabinet, our source said: “let’s Start with the fact that no government report no. There’s something, written by fellow PR people on the basis of some data obtained from Ministry.”

“Report of the government we actually have. This is the first moment. Point the second: if the government gives such services are outsourced, this means that it can not work at all. And so don’t know how that even can’t write”, – the expert adds.

According to the economist, probably still need to the law on the Cabinet to introduce a compulsory test for future Ministers to the knowledge of the language, at least, writing dictations and summaries.

“Alas – if there is no one in the government to write a report, so guys, sorry, but you are not able to work. Moreover, there are serious suspicions about that, but can they work in principle, because if they hired a PR Agency to have given them some kind of report – so no real action that could be described, but there is something that needs to be put into a nice package. Otherwise could be a dry bureaucratic language to write what you did,” – said the expert of public safety.

Yuri Havrylchenko notices that in this case the question arises: Lord, and what data you shared with a PR Agency? We, if you remember, all meetings of the Cabinet is now closed.

“Closed meetings suggest that they have to be spread a certain information constituting at least a state or official secret. On what basis and how this information you decided to share with the PR-Agency?”, – notices our source.

The economist, in fact, I liked the expression of the former Vice-Prime Minister, who is in his Facebook wrote: I know why the statement Goncharuk resignation could not find in BP – because he could not write. Therefore, in order to Goncharuk voluntarily dismiss the need to hire linguists to outsource, so he wrote a letter of resignation. He is not capable of.

“It is, of course, like a joke, but every joke is only a joke share, the rest is true. It’s just a circus. It is not expert to comment on, unfortunately,” concludes Yuri Havrylchenko.

The only thing that can be evaluated according to the expert, this is the document which it commissioned services. There one line is the writing of a thesis. This means that the government cannot even articulate the priorities and structure of the report.

“Therefore, a reasonable question arises: if they are not able to not only write reports, but can’t even set the task – who wrote the program of the government? Maybe it is also given to outsourcing, but we do not know about? Then the following question arises: if the government writes its program and writes the report, who controls the then government of Ukraine? If these people incapable of any software to write or report, but, nevertheless, something is happening, the question is: who instead deals with real controls?”, – concluded our source expert Fund public safety Yuri Gavrilechko.