The Cabinet would limit the cost of heating: what does it mean

Кабмин ограничит стоимость отопления: что это значит

The Ukrainian government will impose limits on the level of price of 1 Gcal of heat in the district heating system at the level of 1.4 thousand. This statement was made by the Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko during a Cabinet meeting, reports ONLINE.UA.

“It is proposed by the government’s decision… to impose a limit price that is economically feasible for local suppliers. This price is offered on the level of 1400 UAH, the counter and 35,21 UAH per square meter in the absence of the counter. Why in some cities the price per Gcal of heat 2000 UAH, and in other – 1300 UAH?”, – the Minister said.

According to him, this difference is biased and inadequate.

“The price of gas and electricity in the country the same salary in the industry about the same, but the tariffs are different,” added the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman.

In addition, he stressed that “Naftogaz of Ukraine” needs to continue to reduce the price of gas for the population.

“It is difficult for us to limit the price of the gas itself, and we are constantly working to gas prices in Ukraine were limited. And in the last few months, as a result of the decisions of the government, Naftogaz started to reduce the price of gas, and I think that he should continue so to do,” – said Groisman.