The canadian court issued the first verdict on the extradition of CFO of Huawei

Канадский суд вынес первый вердикт по экстрадиции финдиректора Huawei

The Supreme court of the canadian province of British Columbia was allowed to continue hearing on possible extradition to the United States, the financial Director of the Chinese Corporation Huawei Meng Wenju.

According to Deputy chief justice Heather Holmes, what the United States suspect Vango would be considered a violation and in Canada. This means that the case about the possible results of the CFO of Huawei in the United States can continue, and she Wangu will remain under house arrest.

In the United States Wangu suspected of fraud and an attempt to convince banking institutions to violate U.S. sanctions against Iran. Although Canada has never imposed such restrictions against Iran, the court came to the conclusion that here we are talking about fraud, which is punishable by canadian law.

Protection Wangu previously filed a counterclaim against law enforcement officials of Canada, which allegedly violated her rights during the arrest. Today’s ruling means that the action will continue, and until a decision delayed may not be extradited to the States.

Meng Wenju detained in the U.S. in December 2018 at the Vancouver airport. She was subsequently released on bail of $ 10 million. Under the terms of house arrest, the woman must always wear a GPS transmitter, and to pay the costs associated with the police watching her.