The cancellation of concerts: “rat methods of dealing with art”

Отмена концертов: "Крысиные методы борьбы с искусством"

Group IC3PEAK – one of those who knows first hand what the breakdown shows. The police received calls about the club laid the bomb, then the performance come some people in plain clothes and asking fans to disperse the participants of group are detained directly at the exit of the train. In addition IC3PEAK over the last few weeks have been cancelled concerts Yegor creed, LJ, Husky and the group “friend zone”.

I have the feeling that someone suddenly decided that the urgent need to fix our culture

Anastasia Kreslina

“No official statements, open letters – nothing. There is only rat methods of dealing with art and censorship”, – said the member of the group IC3PEAK Nikolay Kostylev.

“Yes, I have the feeling that someone suddenly decided that the urgent need to fix our culture. Here we have a proven to the old Soviet ways – we will them to act,” adds the second participant IC3PEAK Anastasia Kreslina.

About the failure of the concerts speak not only in music circles but also in the state Duma. A day earlier to talk with members come rappers of Ptah and the Gigue. And at the end of November in Moscow hosted a concert in support of the Husky rapper, who was detained two weeks ago in Krasnodar. The rapper was sentenced to 12 days of administrative arrest, but in the end he was released early.

“The regime crushes any person. Despite the fact that Husky was supposed to be quite loyal to the authorities. But once you get over the red line – you begin to plant. This is what it happened,” – says opposition politician Alexei Navalny.

In Krasnodar, the Huskies staged an impromptu concert on the roof of another car. Prior to this, the rapper attempted to hold a concert in two different clubs in the city, but they were both thwarted.

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