The candidate of medical Sciences spoke about the importance of compliance with the order of dishes in food

Кандидат медицинских наук рассказал о важности соблюдения порядка блюд в еде

Compliance with the order of dishes in a meal is necessary, because the wrong sequence – the first step to the development of heart attacks and strokes. About it told the candidate of medical Sciences, specialist in healthy way of life Andrei Blueskin.

He stressed that the endocrine system of the gastrointestinal tract, in which the special cells that produce glukagonovy peptide (GLP-1) responds differently to the order of the dishes, even with the same composition.

It is from the order of the dishes depends on for proper production of this hormone.

For example, if you eat vegetables before carbohydrate intake, the glucose level in blood will increase. If you want to use protein products, so you improve glycemic control.

This happens with any meal. For example, using the first, say, olive oil, glucose is not elevated.

According to Belovskiy, there is usually the ideal sequence of the meal in which the stomach is emptied more slowly and the person feels longer satiety. So first you need to eat a salad with greens, vegetables and olive oil, then protein foods, and only after that you can eat fruit or sweet dessert.