The candidate of “populists”. “Terrible” Orban. Upheaval in the U.S.

Кандидат "народников". "Ужасный" Орбан. Потрясения в США

The transfer of “state of the Union” is in Brussels Stefan Grobe

“Determined worker, who is likely to replace Jean-Claude Juncker at the helm of the European Commission next year. German MEP Manfred Weber has enlisted the support of a group of center-right parties belonging to the European people’s party.

He is now the favorite in the competition for one of the most influential posts in the EU.

Voted for him even the “black sheep” of the populists, the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban. And that can be a problem.

Despite the show of unity, vnutrimatocny is a fierce debate about what to do with the Hungarian populists in their ranks.

Some of the European people’s party see the Orban a threat to its values of openness and tolerance, and want the expulsion of the Prime Minister and his party, Fidesz.

Others believe that they really need Hungarian voice, because the group is losing its influence in France and Spain.

But the leader and Patriarch of the people’s party, Joseph Daul saying that the question is not so acute – at least for now:

“Every family has its own “enfant Terribl”. As a Christian Democrat, I prefer this “an enfant terrible” has remained in our family and had the opportunity to defend its position”.

Against the Orban Weber to exercise restraint. He threatened to rein in Orban, but in the end took no action. It may Weber backfire in the elections next year, anyway.

On the other side of the Atlantic, in the country trump midterm election shook the political landscape. Regaining domination of the House of representatives, the Democrats took a seat at the government table. Now they can make adjustments in the agenda of Donald trump and ruin his life, using his right to challenge his actions and oversee.

Being a cunning strategist, trump declared victory, noting that the Republicans retained the Senate. From these elections, he concluded: “the People loves me!”

Here in Europe, people do not know how to relate to the fact that the government now trump smaller.

Whether he will toughen its foreign policy on the principle of “America first”? If Yes, how should Europe react?

As we previously reported, Donald trump brought America from Global climate agreement. In this area Europe can strengthen its cooperation with partners around the world to achieve results even without the United States. Or at least wait until the tramp leaves the White house.

The situation is dramatic. According to experts, the toxic emissions result in premature death from 5.5 to 7 million people a year.

Causes: pneumonia, stroke, heart disease, lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. According to the world health organization, nine out of ten people worldwide are exposed to dangerous levels of pollutants – nine out of ten!

One of the main factors of air pollution is automobile traffic. That’s why more and more cities in Europe create areas of reduced emissions, or forbid them altogether.

Meeting at a “Petrol summit” in Brussels last week, the mayors, environmentalists, public health officials have analyzed the situation three years after the scandal, known as “Deselect”.

Festival participants Play video games 18 in Hamburg saw that perhaps awaits us all. In the game “”Not tonight” the action takes place in a certain British town after “breccia”. There is a terrible situation, in any case, for EU citizens, which is controlled by the players. The local pub will be checked identity cards of people from the continent put on the street, and the British let.

The city is also divided into two parts, one for local and one for European nationals who are subjected to continuous harassment by police and authorities.

The curator of the festival called the game “brexton” “funny dystopia”, but the future society it presented as dehumanized and unpleasant.

This Braceland – only game, I hope so.”

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