The candidate of the “public Servants” Vereschuk merges elections of the mayor of Kiev Klitschko – Kirill Sazonov

Кандидат от "Слуги народа" Верещук сливает выборы мэра Киева под Кличко, - Кирилл Сазонов

The candidate in mayors of Kiev from “public Servants” Irina Vereschuk “merged” under the current city head Vitaly Klitschko and doing everything possible to lose him the election.

This became known from the message a political expert Kirill Sazonov on his page in Facebook.

“The candidate of the “public Servants” on elections of the mayor of Kiev Irina Vereschuk really merged under its main rival, the incumbent mayor Vitali Klitschko. To prove it to her link, where she intercedes for Klitschko before the opponents and says, he says, he’s not bad – and his deputies and subordinates bad. This is also on the sidelines say colleagues Vereschuk in Parliament and even in the faction,” stated Kirill Sazonov.


The expert asked the question: “This was originally the idea of “servants” – to nominate Vereschuk and play?”.

“Do they (the”Servants of the people”) agreed with Klitschko on joint plundering of Kiev, shared streams, and now he can sleep peacefully? Or is it Amateur Vereschuk to which Klitschko could find one or the other approach? And “servants” have to do a good mine, as it is officially defeated in the party primaries and now the party needs to support her no matter what?” – said Kirill Sazonov.

According to him, Wereduck, despite losing the starting position, had a chance to build support in the second round to beat Klitschko, but it is this chance has been reduced to zero.

“Whatever it was, but the fact remains: at the time of nomination Vereschuk could count on 15%, and Klitschko (if we forget about fake sociologies) – 30%. And it’s in the first round. At the time of voting, especially in the second round, Irina had all the chances to make Vitali. However, her demeanor already for a couple of weeks managed to make the chances of “public Servants” to the mayor of Kiev is zero”, – summed up the kind of nonsense.