The capital attacked! The assault began in three directions, objavljena mobilization. What happens

Столицу атакуют! Начался штурм по трем направлениях, обявлена мобилизация. Что происходит

Troops with the support of Russia carried out a successful offensive and confidently capture the city

The Libyan national army (LNA) led by Khalifa the Haftarot attacked the Libyan capital, Tripoli. Allies of Vladimir Putin went to the town of es-Saidi district Varshaphala in the South-West of the city and seized control over the local infrastructure. Write about foreign news.

According to preliminary data, during the attack two soldiers suffered the LDF. The Al Jazeera TV channel reports that Marshal Khalifa Haftar ordered his subordinates not to shoot at civilians and unarmed parties to the conflict. Army spokesman Ahmed al-Mismari said that the soldiers chosen for the walls of the city. They did not withdrew even after shelling by government forces.

In Tripoli olyalina mobilization of citizens. People fear supacat most necessary. Haftar leads men Cruz Basilica, from three directions. 7 April, fighting in the municipality of Tajura, in the areas Dzhanzur Bin-Gashir. The soldiers of the LDF captured Tripoli international airport and southern suburbs. They stayed only 15 kilometres from the centre of Tripoli. Group “Special deterrent” (RADA), donedavna supportive of the government suddenly moved to the side of the LDF. This guide is wrote in the social network.

“The Libyan people must resist and fight against the forces of the Haftarot in Tripoli, not to see the crimes against humanity committed in [Eastern city of] Benghazi and Derna,” said Al Jazeera mufti Sadiq al-Ghariani.

And on 6 April the leader of the LDF Haftar held talks with Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Mikhail Bohdano. The commander of the army said that his actions aimed at combating terrorist and extremist organizations in Libya.

It is worth noting that Haftar is acting contrary to the requirements of the UN. The Secretary-General, antónio Guterres, said to attack the Libyans and called for “calm and restraint”. Now UN officials are preparing a new phase of peace talks with Libyan leaders to mitigate the conflict. Permanent mission of the UK wrote that on April 5 the members of the United Nations held an emergency meeting.

It is worth noting that the conflict in Libya has been running since 2011, when he killed a head of state Muammar Gaddafi. Haftar supports “government in Tobruk” is formed on the East and South in 2014. Meanwhile, zapaccentuate the national consensus government (NTC) headquarters in Tripoli. It is headed by the Prime Minister Faiz Sarraj with the support of the United Nations.

But October last year it became known that Russia sent troops to Eastern Libya to help the Haftarot. So a few weeks ago sources The Telegraph reported that the Libyan city of Benghazi are nearly 300 Russian mercenaries from a private military company Wagner. It is possible to assume that Vladimir Putin is pursuing in Libya’s own interests, as it was in Syria.

Столицу атакуют! Начался штурм по трем направлениях, обявлена мобилизация. Что происходит

Столицу атакуют! Начался штурм по трем направлениях, обявлена мобилизация. Что происходит